Real life online dating success stories gypsy travelers dating

by  |  24-Jun-2015 19:40

Being introverts we didn't venture out much to meet new people, so we were both using RSVP which made it very easy to find someone we wanted to meet.

Even on our first date we were telling it straight and laying out what we want from life, as neither of us wanted to waste our time.

We are on the same page with where we want to go, it’s been about 3.5 months and it’s going great. Which is cheesy as a shit I know, but whatever man… 😉 So are going to carry on with this getting to know each other, loving each other, falling deeper in love stage and towards the end of the year, we plan to start looking for a place together.

So, same page, currently having a great time, looking forward to what the future brings.

Now we have that love that I used to look at others and think it wasn't real.

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