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A bold stripe shirt calls for solid colored or discreetly patterned suits and ties.” – Quotes by Patrick Bateman “The world just opens up and swallows them.” – Quotes by Patrick Bateman “Pumpkin, you’re dating the biggest dickweed in New York.

Pumpkin, you’re dating a tumbling, tumbling dickweed.” Quotes by Patrick Bateman “My need to engage in homicidal behaviour on a massive scale cannot be corrected but, uh, I have no other way to fulfill my needs.” – Quotes by Patrick Bateman “Because Bateman won’t give the maitre d’ head.” Quotes by Craig Mc Dermott “Negative Cancel it.” – Quotes by Patrick Bateman “What’s wrong with that?

Patrick Bateman is a stand-in for the greed and shallowness of the 1980s, a man who seeks control with aggressive value judgments over status, fashion, and popular culture but ultimately loses his very sense of self to the vicissitudes of consumerism.

The gruesome murders over the course of the film and novel, whether or not they occurred at all, are part of this same pattern of seeking control and status over other people and lashing out in violent rage when it cannot be instantly accomplished.

You can congratulate yourself as a wise social critic if you can connect the dots to how Patrick Bateman personally kills people, and we call him a monster, but Wall Street manages to oppress and slaughter innocents around the world, and we reward them.

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