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Despite tabloid rumors that have surrounded her for years, Queen Latifah has never made an issue out of her sexuality, which is why it still seems shocking to some people when they find out the former hip-hop star turned Hollywood actress is engaged to a woman.The Queen has been dating her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins for nearly five years now and the two recently got engaged (no word on the wedding date).Looks like Queen and Jeanette had fun riding their matching waverunners!

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Queen latifah dating jeanette jenkins

Jenkins is the founder of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company, which has worked with athletes and celebrities from Terrell Owens to the Mowry sisters.

She also appears regularly on Food Network'sas a weight loss expert.

*The above photo is from the US Open, just a few weeks ago.

The woman beside Latifah is allegedly named Eboni Nichols.

Last year, the two of them even went to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s wedding, the paparazzi even got photos of Latifah and Jeanette frolicking on a yacht. Worse news: Latifah might have lined up her jumpoff before she and Jeanette were really over.

Queen latifah dating jeanette jenkins

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