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A prior commitment kept Lampanelli from appearing at the taping, but she admitted she wasn't sure she would have participated anyway.

"I had that little something in my gut that said I feel really bad as a human being making fun of this guy because he is sick and has this kind of drug thing," she said at the De Leon tequila-sponsored event at the Core Club in midtown.

The killer comic explained that when she participated in last year's David Hasselhoff roast, the Hoff had already "solved his sobriety thing," so "my conscience felt good."What's in a name?

A source close to the rapper/producer says the former front man of A Tribe Called Quest remains livid over his portrayal in Michael Rapaport's acclaimed documentary about the seminal hip-hop group, "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest." Q-Tip was the only member of Tribe not to endorse the documentary when it was released earlier this summer because, the source says, he feels the movie portrays him as "a pompous bastard." The source called the documentary "spot on," but says the Queens native hates it "because he doesn't want people to know" the real Q-Tip. Is Rupert Murdoch getting ready to write his memoir? owner was spotted having dinner at Le Cirque Thursday night with literary agent Lynn Nesbit and another gentleman.

Nesbit did not respond to our request for comment by deadline.

Fitty wanted to call his upcoming movie about a childhood friend, "Things Fall Apart," but Achebe, whose landmark 1958 novel had the name first, withheld permission, even after the hip-hop mogul offered $1 million for the rights.

At the Hudson Hotel launch party for Fitty's Street King energy shot - sales of which benefit the UN's World Food Programme - the rapper told us his movie has since been retitled "All Things Fall Apart" - which means, he explained optimistically, "it comes up sooner" on Movies On Demand menus. Celine Dion wore a glamorous jeweled gown for her duet with Andrea Bocelli in Central Park on Thursday, but she opted for more down-to-Earth footwear backstage.

Prior to singing "The Prayer" with Bocelli at the intermittently rainy, but always fabulous, affair, a backstage source let slip that Dion was given a choice of several pairs of slippers to kick back in before the show.

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