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S Bureau of Labor couldn't have describe the pros and cons any better.

They are giving you the good the bad and the ugly of becoming a chef.

Becoming a chef puts you in a supervisory role in a professional kitchen.

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These Pros and Cons sum up this job perfectly to my opinion. For one, you don't lay about your work and two, I think you have a very strong character.

Having a strong character is very imortant when taking on a leadership position.

Swinging is not something which anyone and everyone can partake in, because of its inherently complex nature.

I feel that being a chefis one of the most versatile jobs on the market. A pastry chef is one type of chef and theres also sub categorys as in soul food chefs, Italian chefs, and barbequeing are some of the any sub categorys.

As long as you can stand the heat and the stress then being a chef is for you.

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