Problems with scientific dating methods

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It is not about the theory behind radiometric dating methods, it is about their , and it therefore assumes the reader has some familiarity with the technique already (refer to "Other Sources" for more information).

As an example of how they are used, radiometric dates from geologically simple, fossiliferous Cretaceous rocks in western North America are compared to the geological time scale.

The Scientific Method State the problem and observe conditions Observe or wonder about something in your world, or in your class,and wonder how, why, when, something occurs Choose the best optionor answer to your problem as your hypothesis.

Observe * Research * Hypothesize * Test * Conclude The scientific method is a process for forming and testing solutions to problems,or theorizing about how or why things work.

It tries to reduce the influence of "faith" or bias or prejudice of the experimenter so that the process is valid anywhere in our world The following exercise presents two options: From the example, you can now repeat and demonstrate that the computer and television were the answer.

You can repeat this condition, and predict the outcome (experiment or test your theory).

If not paying your bill was the problem, you can repeat that also, but it can be expensive and inconvenient!

I thought it would be useful to present an example where the geology is simple, and unsurprisingly, the method does work well, to show the quality of data that would have to be invalidated before a major revision of the geologic time scale could be accepted by conventional scientists.

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