Problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48

by  |  10-May-2015 18:15

October, 2016 The Australian yacht "Tainui" recently ended her historic voyage from the Arctic to the Black Sea, through Central Russia’s Volga and Don Rivers.

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It describes candidly the difficulties and triumphs, both personal and bureaucratic, which the crew faced along the way.

The Marine Electronics & Communications editorial team combines IT expertise with seafaring experience to ensure that articles pinpoint what our readers really need to know.

By taking a thematic approach, Marine Electronics & Communications expands its readers’ knowledge of industry needs and user requirements on board and ashore.

It is a laconic and amusing account of the 3000-mile adventure by two intrepid sailors through a vast landscape, giving unique insights into a Russia which has for so long been inaccessible to foreigners.

Detailed descriptions of the villages and cities which lie along the banks of the mighty Volga and Don Rivers are accompanied by 340 colour pictures and navigational charts.

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