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The range is, obviously, subject to availability and these plates, unlike the cheap Irish plates, have a restriction to the age of the vehicle they can go onto.The golden rule is always ' You can make your vehicle look older, but not one day newer', so to assign such a prefix reg to your vehicle you need to compare the initial prefix letter of the plate (which is the year identifier) to the age of your vehicle.

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The letter combinations always include an I or a Z and this is what distinguishes Irish reg from other cherished registration marks.

A reg are suitable for any vehicle registered on/after 1983, B for 1984, C for 1985 etc.

If in doubt, you can refine the search on our site to only show registrations that are suitable for your vehicle.

The price difference between an cheap Irish reg and a dateless personalised plate can be quite striking - a reg like RIW 4015 might be priced at around £450 plus transfer - whilst a cherished RW four digit plate could set you back something like £2,500 to £3,000.

It's also sometimes possible to get a sequential run of numbers - THZ 8359, THZ 8360, THZ 8361 - which is great if you have a fleet of vehicles and you want to customise them all.

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