Police firefighter dating

by  |  12-Jan-2015 18:54

Dating a firefighter can prove to be one of the best dates you will ever have --- you just have to know where to look.

No, they're not always at the watering hole, and they're not out there online.

Ironically, this fantasy actually ranks up among the top in people's checklist, maybe sandwiched in between hoping to find your prince or the other way around, who takes you away to their kingdom to live happily ever after, and one where all the world's shoes are yours for the taking. Consider the following ---- firefighters know how to save lives. They are completely selfless, courageous by nature, critical thinkers, qualified problem solvers, helpful and kind.

A hint ---- they're at stations where red is a dominant color.

Then you should seriously consider heating up your love life by dating a firefighter.

Firefighters are trained problem solvers, incredibly courageous, completely selfless, and look damn good shirtless.

A man who is brave enough to run into a burning building will surely be able to protect you from life’s smaller threats (like mice).

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