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And finally, lesson learned #3- your friends should actually like your boyfriend.If they don’t, it’s probably because he’s a douche, and someone needs to say something, eventually- friends don’t let friends date douchbags.After much internal dialogue and deliberations with colleagues and friends, I said yes. We’re madly in love, and I’m quite confident in saying that I’ve met my person. I always assumed that was bullshit, but I get it now.

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There you have it- all is well over here, and it IS possible to find love in Ottawa :) I’m sorry, I am too mentally exhausted right now to come up with a better antonym, or a less cheesy title for this blog post.

There is so much more to my man than his age (though dating a younger dude has benefits I won’t dare mention in this PG13 post) and the fact he has children (though they are often quite adorable, and seeing what a loving Father he is makes my womb warm, thanks to evolution).

Lesson learned #2- relationships aren’t always easy, but they shouldn’t be hard either.

This is something that I think is inherently wrong with online dating.

It’s too hard to get to know someone, and far too easy to dismiss people, online.

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