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However not all foreigners arriving in Thailand come from failed relationships.Daeng is a successful Thai woman who has lived in Australia for nearly 14 years.

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Many commentators say the reasons for this include economic pressures of a more developed economy where foreign women tend to work as well as their spouses but also a changing social culture.

Her life in Australia began when she met her husband Stuart (52) in Thailand.

Her key advice to all Thai women dating foreigners can be summed up in two worlds: 'Be yourself.' 'There is a lot of hype about meeting a foreigner but there is a lot of negative stuff too, if any Thai woman wants to make this move, it could well be a good thing provided they have the right attitude, character and a good heart' she says. 'If you are planning to spend all of your life with someone, you don't make a decision like that based just on how much money he has but you must consider money also, it all depends on your character, speaking plainly if you've a bad heart or are bad person, everything you do will not be successful whether it's a relationship in Thailand or Australia or a business as well.

'Not only has this causes many men to seek love in remote, foreign places like Thailand but it is also causing many younger men to think twice before entering into marriage,' says James Hewitt a visa lawyer and commentator in Bangkok.

This has been even been described by some as a breakdown of western society.

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