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Dear Reader, Whoever says that they can survive on their own is obviously a liar.That’s probably how the quote “no man is an island” came about.If you haven’t heard or got anywhere near Online Dating just yet, in a nutshell, it is the way to go for singles of the 21st century!

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It’s really awkward, in ways more than one, isn’t it? And you agree that being lonely is never fun, that’s why you’re reading this letter.

Perhaps: Well, I do have good news to share with you.

After all, human beings are naturally social creatures and we all need to be loved and care for.

But while there are more than 6 billion human beings on this planet yet there are hundreds of millions of singles who should either be married or dating at their age when they are still suffering from a poor social life.

Distance is no longer really a question anymore and you can easily search for the opposite sex in the sea of singles from Online Dating services. 3 Good Reasons To Join An Online Dating Service The growing popularity in Online Dating grows at a very rapid pace around the clock and at this time of writing, a formal survey have shown that a good 40 million people are subscribed to Online Dating Services!

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