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I was talking to a guy whose wife died of breast cancer 13 years ago. I say why not you could try FSO or POF I find these sites are a little more higher calibre than NZD which can be very sexually explicit so therefore tend to attract a lot of guys who are married and or just wanting sex.haha, yea, jan. I am heading into my 2nd cancer, and won't be going for further treatment. Just because we have an "end date" don't mean lifes over yet!

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ive been going through it 4 3years now and have been single for 2 years. First of all I am really sorry to hear about your diagnosis and applaud your braveness to enter the dating scene, not easy for anyone let alone someone going through an illness such as yourself. I am on a dating site and am talking to a guy who knows I have breast cancer.

I have decided it would be nice to meet someone to share a couple of years with. I have tried looking for such a site with like minded people in the same situation. I joined nz dating - I am not terminal but was open in my profile about my health and that if it bothered rhem not to contact me I have mer some awesome people who are happy to just chill out as friends despite it as well as others who are also sufferingour cancer s dosnt have meetings, im in whitianga, also I am youngish, well 50. I have found that guys if genuine do not seem to mind as long as you are straight up.

At 2date4love, we encourage people with this shared commonality to be open to the possibility of finding love and happiness. Problems with intimacy after cancer are very common, gynecological oncologist Dr.

Ilana Cass, of the Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, told ABC News.

The 50-year-old hairstylist, who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments after being diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer when she was 37.

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