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The eye is then immediately arrested by the 10 sqm carved teak wooden panel behind the smiling receptionist standing to greet you.

Bird song is the loudest sound in the resort, accompanied by the sounds of running water from the many water features and fountains dotted around.

There are two modestly-sized pools, one designed for small children, but this isn’t really a resort that can be recommended for children, as it is simply too small and there isn’t anywhere for them to run around. Built in 2007, the resort is only two years old – old enough for the vegetation to have had time to grow up and surround the buildings in tropical finery, but not long enough for the facilities or rooms to have suffered the wear and tear that happens so quickly in this climate.

It has a very romantic ambience and is highly recommended for couples. There is a small restaurant and bar area, though you are unlikely to eat more than breakfast here. If you book through us, we’ll supply you with a complimentary quality baker’s brown or granary loaf on arrival, plus hopefully an unbeatable price.

The resort is not particularly well located for access to most of Ao Nang’s amenities, but tuk tuks are easy and cheap to obtain, and fun to ride around in. The rooms - or suites as they are called - are huge: the bathroom alone is 15sqm.

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