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Adu wanted you do….things are very different now, but I’m hoping her upcoming album, , the GOAT sexy x sorrowful album) Thank you to Kingz from Y2KDaily for sending Sade’s first and title single, “Soldier of Love,” over.

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Nas has been spotted in Barbados with Vanessa Bronfman, daughter of billionaire music industry executive and Seagram’s heir Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Sources told the New York Post that Nas is “totally smitten” with Vanessa.

However, Nas’s rep is playing it cool, saying the pair are just “friends” whose presence together on the island was a “complete coincidence.” There isn’t much information about Vanessa, although she has two fairly well known siblings. Her younger sister is fashionista and celebrity DJ Hannah Bronfman. Check them out below and feel free to rate on a Kelis-scale.

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