More dangerous than internet dating

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\n SEE ALSO: Donald Trump unveils his new campaign logo and the internet can't stop making dick jokes\n The Republican Party presidential candidate’s campaign has released a new video in which Trump is making an appeal to the Hindu and Indian community to vote for him.

After just a few dates with Wade Ridley, she was smitten, yet she had no idea that his intention was to smite her. There was nothing particularly suspicious about him and yet what began as an eight-day whirlwind romance has become a $10 million lawsuit that Beckman is waging against 21st, 2012, after she realized that it was not a match with Ridley and had called it quits on their short-lived fling, Beckman allegedly came home to find Ridley in her garage harboring a knife and the intent to kill.

Beckman narrowly escaped the attack with multiple stab wounds and brain trauma due to several kicks to the head. One month later, he allegedly broke into the apartment of Anne Simenson, 62, and murdered her much in the same manner he had attempted with Beckman.

\n Equally surprising is Trump saying \"Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar,\" (Hindi for: This time, Trump’s government).

It’s a rendition of Modi’s previous campaign slogan, in which he said \"Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar.\" (This time, Modi’s government).

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