Milk dating

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I almost think he’s why I got on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Oh, and in case the title of this article didn’t get the message across… SPOILER ALERT Don’t you just love how Milk creams all over Courtney Act’s face in the end…

It was strange, dating someone who couldn’t drink legally.

Milk dating

AL ZAGOFSKY/SPECIAL TO THE TIME NEWS Frank Pasdon, owner of the Jim Thorpe Market, checks "Sell By" date on milk container.

He came out as the Spanish woman and looked horrible — like Fräulein Maria meets Frida Kahlo meets Patrick Swayze. It was his idea: Let’s put nothing in here and paint the walls stark white. We’re very busy and working all the time, so the time when we can sit around is precious and rare. It wasn’t formal at all, and that was amazing for me. If I was going on a date and going to fancy restaurants, I would be like, I’m 20, I need these informalities. Maybe that’s our biggest issue — when I eat his ice cream!

When I was away one weekend doing a show, I came home and it was pristine. We are far from simple people, but we have simple pleasures. I didn’t really know how to be in a relationship at first because I hadn’t had one before.

I had a lot more fun with fashion, merchandising, and visuals. That’s when a relationship really works — at least that’s what works for us.

From there, drag came into my life — because of James. He’s always been successful, but our relationship is also about being supportive.

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