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Mention that it’s of the utmost important to you that your partner have a great time and hopefully have multiple orgasms. Bragging about your incredible stamina (this is generally not a positive for women since the vagina will start to hurt after too much thrusting) or how big your penis is (in general size has little to do with sexual pleasure since clitoral stimulation is how most women orgasm) is more likely to turn a girl off than make her want to sleep with you.– Brevity is the soul of a good casual sex dating profile. – Without sounding like a jerk, make sure you demand that she be as into giving you a good time as you are into giving her one. “I am not going to waste your time rambling on about my live of football, punk rock, and working out because you probably don’t care.You get yours, I get man & we are both happy every time” 2.

– Mention that you have high standards for the women you sleep with.

You need to do that in your profile and if you succeed your response rate will go through the roof as nearly 90% of the ladies you message will get back to you (provided your picture is at least decent).

Women interested in dating are looking for sensitive, funny, romantic guys.

It sounds arrogant but when a girl you’ve contacted reads that in your profile it ends up being flattering because it means she meets your high standards.

– Don’t be afraid to brag a little about your skill in the bedroom (provided you have it).

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