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The men sign up on the dating site Lunch Actually and pick out 20 shoes that they would like to see a potential date wear.

The guys then pledge to pay for anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of the cost of the shoe. ) When a woman buys a pair of shoes at the Kuala Lumpur store, she can then go online and check out her potential shoe-gar daddies' profiles. Go do what you like most first - shop for shoes and live out your "Sex And The City" dreams (think Carrie! and leave it to the professionals to find you your Mr.

I’ve met quite a few Western guys that feel the same way so if you haven’t been there and you’re looking for a destination I suggest finding somewhere else to go.

They’re also a bit more conservative in general so this doesn’t help your chances either.

This is one of the smaller sites in Asia but it’s certainly your best option.

Malaysia sex datlng com

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