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Research presented at the congress will be reviewed and compiled into a special issue of the journal Computer Science The lecturer agreed to host the conference after it was banned from Malaysia for being “illegal”, according to BBC reports.

Dr Devlin dismisses early calls to ban sex robots, and believes people need to have an open mind to the possibility of sex machines playing a constructive role in society.

An international conference on sex with robots, which was once banned by Malaysia, is to be hosted by a London University.

Top academics in the field of robotics and human-computer interaction will come together at Goldsmiths University, south east London, to discuss the future of artificial sex.

'Prices will inevitably come down, and we envisage selling mass market robotic toys in around three years' time.

Goldsmiths computing lecturer Dr Kate Devlin – whose controversial essay ‘In Defence of Sex Robots’ has been read by half a million people worldwide – is hosting the event.

The expert believes interest in the field of human-computer interaction is on the rise, with film, TV and even academic debate turning its attention to the human relationships with technology.

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