Mac updating svn

by  |  07-Jul-2015 20:15

Note: I use OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion on a Mac Book Pro.

I have assumed that you already have a plugin approved and published on the Word Press plugins repository.

svn X is the SVN graphical interface I chose to avoid having to use the command line to handle checkouts, commits, etc.

SVN no longer comes bundled with OSX, so you have to install it. If you have the Mac development toolkit Xcode installed, use method 1a. Obviously my screenshot shows them as already installed. Go to and click the link marked “Looking for additional developer tools? You will need to sign in with your Apple ID and possibly go through registration for a developer account if you haven’t already done this.

If not, you can either install Xcode anyway (free from the App Store) and use method 1a, or you can use method 1b. Eventually you will get to a downloads list screen as shown below, and you should select and install the Command Line Tools bundle for Mountain Lion as shown.

You may deduce from this that simply installing Xcode is by far the easiest method, and in fact that’s exactly what I did.

And what do you mean by using the C bindings/libraries directly ?

Having recently switched my development platform from Windows to Mac, and being a published Word Press plugin author, I needed to find a Mac-based replacement for the excellent Windows-based Tortoise SVN in order to update my plugins on the Word Press plugin repository.

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