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It's still the same glossy fantasy that bears no more than a passing resemblance to reality, but does that really matter, asks Deborah Orr The innocent fan, sitting down next week to the first episode in the third series of E4's teenage comedy drama Skins, is in for a shock. The show's creators always promised that they would take risks. For teenagers today, Skins offers what television used to offer to the entire nation – a communal view-and-discuss experience.

All the carefully developed young characters that they have become involved with over series one and two are gone – no more Tony, no more Cassie, no more Sid. But the collective interest isn't just about sitting down to watch the show on the night and then talking about it the next day.

This week's episode of Skins was rather dark and had huge consequences.

I'm not sure the gang will ever be the same again, they certainly ended up even more fractured than when they started out.

A party in the woods took a dramatic turn, and though the episode focused on Effy, there were changes in store for almost all of them as a result of the events that took place!

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