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by  |  23-Nov-2014 01:29

Dating them, of course, has its myths, half-truths and truths, but once women are able to wrap their minds and emotions around the many unspoken rules that come with dating African men, the two can live together in perfect unity.

To set African men apart from all other black men, and to clear the air of any confusion, Afrikan Goddess (AG) did some asking around – from African men!

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It is somehow also assumed that African women know what African men want in a relationship. But, times have changed, things have changed, and so have our expectations of each other when it comes to relationships.

Those who care to admit it will make known the fact that dating African men can be quite complex for women who do not know their way around the complications of these gentle – yet firm, protective – yet defensive, peace loving – yet forceful souls.

Many of our interviewees are educated professionals still in search of the right African woman.

A few are in fulfilling relationships, and others are married and content.

Or maybe it’s because they have been lumped in with all other black men by those assuming that no cultural differences exist between them.

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