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Images of hot dates were dancing in my head: could it be Tom Selleck or David Cassidy? Their answers became more obnoxious as the minutes flew by. All three guys sounded like losers and I had to choose one. Cue the song “Lollipops and Roses” and each of the bachelors comes around the screen and Number One is Bill O’Reilly!

Building upon South of the Border's (1964) Top Ten success, Herb Alpert dismissed the contingency of Los Angeles-based studio instrumental all-stars, which he had christened the Tijuana Brass.

Because there was enough demand for live dates, just like a musical Gepetto, Alpert formed a real Tijuana Brass.

The bandleader/trumpeter was joined by Tonni Kalash (trumpet), Robert Edmondson (trombone), Pat Senatore (bass), John Pisano (guitars), Lou Pagani (piano), and Nick Ceroli (drums).

Ostensibly, the personnel wasn't a primary consideration as Alpert and company had already begun making serious inroads on the pop music scene.

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