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The exhibit points to evidence that helps users to identify when the schoolhouse closed – specifically, drawing their attention to portraits of U. Presidents surrounding the room, concluding with Richard Nixon.

(The students in my group eventually determined that the school probably closed between 19.) As a student who studied Public History in graduate school, the exhibit is fantastic.

Therefore, on a recent trip to Boston’s Museum of Science, I was again thinking about how I could apply something that I learned that day to make me a better genealogist.

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A perfect blend of education, logic, and most importantly, fun…

One element of the exhibit that should pique the interests of us genealogists is a very detailed description of lichen.

One of them, flavoparmelia caperata (also known as Common Greenshield), is most widely recognizable as it grows in the Midwest and the entire eastern part of the United States.

More importantly, especially for genealogists, Common Greenshield grows at a constant rate of 1 mm/year.

Mainly, that lichen can be used to date exposed rock like a tombstone, for example.

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