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Tinder justified the ability to see which of your Facebook friends use Tinder via Tinder Social with a statement that said “it’s important to note Tinder’s not a secret considering 70% of users download Tinder because their friends recommend it.” The Tinder blog post containing this quote now returns a 404 error, but the quote appeared in numerous reports on the feature’s launch in April.While using Tinder may not be a secret for many people, the specific times that they log in could very well be.

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At the time, the move was hailed as making Tinder a much less creepy place.

The program requires the additional step of using the Python coding language on your own computer to run, meaning most Tinder bros will probably not be able to stalk their matches and Facebook crushes.

Alex wrote in his post that he alerted Tinder to the vulnerability with a support ticket, but received a response that simply said that “this is part of our feature called Tinder Social."Tinder has not yet responded to Motherboard’s request for comment and we will update this post when we hear back.

Image: Flickr/@markeybo When Tinder Social launched last week, observers noted that the feature—which lets groups of users match up for a night out—lets folks see which of their Facebook friends are on the hookup app.

Now a hacker has discovered a new, and way creepier, vulnerability in Tinder Social.

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