Lesbian guide to dating Cam web free sex couple tips

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And when we come to realize it’s ladies who shoot a tingle up our inside thigh, no-one is there to throw an arm over our shoulder and expertly guide us to the life we deserve. You’ll also be enjoying 4 exclusive bonus guides I’ve taken time to prepare for you.

I dated and slept with lots of different women, and I conquered with every slick move possible.

I tried every possible combination of dating strategies known to humankind.

Slush’s writing style and voice really sells the book.

Chapter 3: Lesbian Name Game Chapter 4: Coming Out Chapter 5: Where the Gay Girls Are Chapter 6: The Art of Seduction Chapter 7: The Dating Game Chapter 8: Exploring Chapter 9: Getting Sexual Chapter 10: Getting Serious Chapter 11: Keeping Things Fresh Chapter 12: When the Going Gets Tough Chapter 13: Breaking Up Chapter 14: Starting Over Chapter 15: Tips For Lesbian Moms Chapter 16: Closing Slush does a fantastic job of covering all aspects from coming out to dating and living together. She has a great gift for putting things into perspective!

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