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His Crassus is described as being the richest man in the Roman Republic, who is envied and despised among the senate and craves the power and respect that defeating Spartacus (Liam Mc Intyre) and his rebel army would bring.

, and if you think the testosterone mix of blood, sex and tears is going to go out quietly, you’re mistaken in a big way.

As challenges were placed in front of him, his motivation just pushed him to really go above and beyond, and clearly was willing to do some pretty nasty things to get what he needed to get. It was so intense to watch, but how was it to film such a scene?

In saying that, it was the most satisfying as well.

In the previous episode, we saw our gay brother Agron (Dan Feuerriegel) tragically fall during battle, but it may have been an even bigger shock when Crixus, played by hunky Manu Bennett, died at the sword of young Tiberius, or “Tibby” as fans on this site have taken to calling him.

Will Spartacus (Liam Mc Intyre) and his remaining crew get their revenge on Tibby, Caesar (Todd Lasance) and Tibby’s father, Cassus (Simon Merrells)?

I love a challenge and being able to physically test yourself on screen and off screen and to be able to explore depths in a character that you can only ever dream of portraying, that was such a great challenging experience for me.

To be able to do that at my age, I feel very fortunate. I think that’s what was so interesting about this final season is that both sides – the rebels and the Romans – had taken matters in such a way where it was really hard to distinguish who was in the wrong, who was bad and who was good.

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