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This is a prime example of the steps in E/O research that are being taken in the scientific world and obviously this information could have a significant impact for distillers and for consumers in the way it affects price. Finally there is the third chemotype of Basil, the var. With it’s large, crinkly, bright green leaf it really does resemble lettuce.

Looking at pollen under a microscope is much cheaper than distilling tons of plant material and running tests on the resulting essential oil. This is Basil linalool where the methyl-chavicol dips to 10-15% and the linalool level jumps to around the 40%+ mark.

For instance if the pollen has 3 striations it means that the essential oil will be high in sesquiterpenes but the overall yield of oil from the plant will be low.

If the pollen grain has 6 striations the distilled oil will be rich in monoterpenols or alcohols and high in overall yield of essential oil. “grand vert” that is grown in much of Europe contains around 50% methyl-chavicol and around 10% linalool making it more popular for Aromatherapy use and with a markedly different, more liqourice odour.

Methyl chavicol is found in it’s highest levels in the exotic basils Ocimum basilicum var basilicum. Therapeutic properties are many and wide ranging.... The following list comes from L'Aromatherapie Exactemente by Franchomme & Penoel.

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