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'" Marnie told a store manager in Sunday's episode. We mock Marnie because her silly little platitude makes sense if you're a journal-writing 13-year-old, or Jewel, but we have our own view of how little life Marnie has really lived.

The "that much action" she's referring to is having broken up with the newly returned Charlie (Christopher Abbott, channeling Shia La Beouf at his most lost) two years before and, in the intervening time, managing to marry "like an entirely different man." "Yes, I am only 25 and a half years old. I feel like I'm looking out the eyes of a woman at hands that have touched and been touched. Yet, then, in style, Marnie proceeded to have the sort of night you can only have traversing New York City, complete with a fancy gala, a propositioning, a lucrative scam, a boisterous Italian meal, a romantically farcical dip/baptism in a Central Park lake, a mugging at gunpoint, a soul-and-body-baring conversation with an even more messed-up young woman, a realization about her past, an understanding of her present, and a dark, hopefully-not-foreshadowing of her future.

(This feels like an intersection between how Marnie has perhaps always overvalued herself and how the show has perhaps always undervalued Marnie/Williams as only eye candy.) We don't think of Marnie's ability to read other people, and she has, at times, been devastatingly unable to read rooms, but maybe she's growing.

But we also saw a different, more resourceful Marnie.

Approached by a sleazy suit who assumes she's a prostitute, and the perfect match for his 25-and-a-half-year-old Russian blonde, Marnie initially lowballs herself on a comical level before smartly adding on surcharges like a veteran con artist.

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