Jennifer lawrence is she dating bradley cooper

by  |  28-May-2016 01:08

She answered a series of questions, but some were more hilarious or shocking than others.To begin with, J-Law says she would never date Justin Bieber.“The truth is, I remember I met her and then she was on a talk show, and made up some story that I pretended to avoid her.

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Bradley Cooper has also recently been vocal regarding another of his former co-stars, Jennifer Lawrence, with whom he starred in , Jennifer Lawrence recently wrote an essay on Hollywood’s gender pay gap, entitled “Why Do I Make Less Than My Co-Stars.” Weighing in on the issue, Bradley Cooper commended his former co-star for having the courage to speak out.

It’s nice to know that Bradley Cooper freely supports his female colleagues.

She had the choice to answer each truthfully or choose to “plead the fifth” and remain silent.

This game is infamous for getting celebrities to spill particular secrets about their personal lives.

Whether it’s being a good sport about being the brunt of Amy Schumer’s comedy routines, or supporting Sienna Miller and Jennifer Lawrence regarding Hollywood’s gender pay gap issues.

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