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NP: Well, I don’t think you can really improve upon Carvel ice cream cake. I’m trying to think of a song that feels like sleepwalking.

Check out some hilarious highlights from the September 2009 issue of Interview Magazine (with Portman on the cover): JG: What’s your favorite food?

Adding to the list will be an upcoming interview of Natalie by Tom Hiddleston. It is nice to see Natalie uberfan, Kristen Stewart, up there with her. aleph a tale of love and darkness behind the scenes benjamin black swan calendar candids cannes charlie awards dior director drawing event fanart film filming film set instagram interview israel jackie jane got a gun knight of cups l.a.

Can’t say what form it will take, but more than likely an upcoming Interview Magazine feature.

And it made me realize, like, your interview with me is your interview with me.” The LA Times has a really good summary on the behind the scenes drama of Jane Got A Gun.

I can’t possibly be objective; I bring who I am to the table.

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