Is erin sanders dating logan henderson the dating game show question

by  |  09-Feb-2015 19:00

However, Katie states they are probably like one of those “on-again, off-again” couples because at the end of the episode they go to the just friend’s tunnel and end up making out.

However, even before and after they broke up, their whole relationship has always been characterized with instability, uncertainty and just plain craziness.

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Hollywood has learned exclusively the 19-year-old former Disney darling was engaging in some major PDA with 22-year-old Big Time Rush star Logan Henderson in New York City yesterday…

This may be because this is the first time either of them is having a real relationship.

As revealed in Big Time Dance, Logan had never asked out any girl before Camille, stating that girls always asked him or James had set up a double date for both of them.

“I saw Demi and Logan kissing at the Ritz Carlton Hotel,” our source dishes exclusively.

This doesn’t come as too big of surprise to us, since the adorable couple seemed pretty darn cozy earlier in the night at the premiere for the Nickelodeon original TV movie, (starring Big Time Rush).

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