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Order a package After reading all the issues my friend had I found you as I am a dater on POF, I used this service and found out he had a felony record.I have 2 little kids and the last thing I wanted was someone with a felony criminal history. My friend told me she seen the guy I am dating on this site, after confronting him he immediately became defensive and never heard from him again.I will be checking the site often in my quest in my online dating.

on disability and jobless due to an exaggerated back injury. Once he gets your number he ignores you and blocks you on the website. He is a pathological liar who did same thing to his first wife but convinced his now wife to stay by signing over all assets to her . Talk about a horrible use of this website and completely waste of our time to try to get to know someone…

Instead of getting help for it, he gambles his money and buys expensive things. Says he's a widower, works at Miller Brewing in Milwaukee but is from Mc Henry IL.

Marriage reports include marriage date, bride’s maiden name, groom’s name, bride and groom’s ages.

Divorce reports include divorce date, names, ages, residence explain additional details.

You have met someone via an online dating site or social networking site and you feel a strong connection with them, in fact this person has every potential of being the ‘one’.

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