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Cutting out vague searches like “music” and “movies”, the top You Tube searches were for “Minecraft”, “Frozen”, “Drake”, “Beyonce”, “Pew Die Pie”, “Happy” and “Eminem”, with Minecraft topping the bill at a huge 75%.

The Observer predicts that we’re now reaching an Internet dystopia where we all watch other people living their lives.

and get entertained on a daily basis by the people they’re following. ) Whether you’re actively socializing on You Tube You can do it. Get your inspiration from these amazing engineering videos today., brands and everyone in between. At over one billion users, You Tube has over a third of the entire population of the Internet as users. At 833,698,293 plays and rising, these two adorable brothers have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for that little moment. But most of You Tube’s viewers are actually on a smartphone or tablet, probably hiding in their bedroom. Five days is all Adele took to get to 100 million views on You Tube, making “Hello” the fastest video of 2015 to reach that number.

There’s even a cult of viewers interested in watching normal people un-box stuff they’ve bought. Not just little DIY projects around the house, but full blown feats of engineering. That creates quite a diverse, multicultural melting pot of activity! So, keep that in mind when you’re considering adding annotations to your videos, as mobile viewers can’t use these. On mobile, viewers are spending an average of 40 minutes watching content every time they open the app. Now, that’s just the mobile users, but don’t forget just how many of them there are. It’s the second-fastest video to reach that figure, with Psy’s “Gentleman” reaching the mark in only four days.

A 2014 Pew Research Centre study says that 77% of Americans are on Facebook, but only 63% are on You Tube.

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