Inadun sax

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Kadri Gopalnath, Dakshina Ensemble, Pravin Godkhindi, Bansuri, Charlie Mariano, R. Ramamani, Jazz Yatra Raga CDs of the months (08/08): RAGAS & SAX…Indian Saxophonists Out of the series “Ragas on Western Instruments” the promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic presents via IMC On Air – IMCRadio.Originally the saxophone was dedicated for symphonic orchestras.

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Other service options include: • Individual Counseling • Marriage and Family Counseling • Group Therapy • Career Counseling • Indian Foster Home Care • Adoption Referral • Information/Referrals/Follow-ups • Establish and provide support to Indian Youth Groups • Family liaison for BIA, IHS, State and County Social Service offices and State and Tribal Courts • Seminars/Workshops: Parent-child Relationship.

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With the implementation of African, Eastern and also Indian influences the Jazz Avantguardist John Coltrane expressed his spiritual attitude in his quartet.

Indo Jazz as new genre was justified of the Indian composer John Mayer with the Quintett Indo Jazz Fusions in the 60’s (20th century).

This formation considerably had a major influence onto the establishment of the saxophone in India.

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