If you are dating are you still single

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“Because I’m incredibly indecisive.” –@oh_nanalish Related: The Top 5 Times It’s Good to Be Single 10. That’s so sweet but i don’t think we’d be a fit.” -Anonymous 11.

Are you also wondering why a gal like me is making such quick work of this drink? “Because I’ve never tried that hard not to be.” –Katie Heaney 9. “Because I’m an excellent masturbator.” –@Wee Orb Ha!

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ask me why I’m single (shouldn’t this be a verboten question, like asking someone their age or how much they make? So I polled friends and How About We readers for the retorts they use (or used to use when they were single) when faced with this incredibly annoying question. Related: 15 Perks to Being Single and Dating 1.”Why are you still married? “So I can stretch out in my own bed.” kdbebe 3.”When my grandma asked me this this weekend, it took everything from saying ‘so how come you are still so old? “I didn’t realize there was a cut-off age.” – @C_rnewman Related: Trust Me, Guys, This Is Not Why You’re Single 5.

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