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She also revealed that she became close to Lee Seung Gi through food and the duo often went out for meals during filming. When I asked him if there was any famous food near the sites where we were filming, he would lead me to the best places.”Charming the crowd with Mandarin and English tunes No Korean fan-meetings take place without some up close and personal interactions with fans, and the two-hour event saw Ha Ji Won playing two rounds of games with eight lucky members of the audience (including two who flew all the way from China and Malaysia).

Four fans tried to get as much whipped cream on their lips as possible in the first ‘Cappuccino Kiss Challenge’ for a chance to take a Polaroid photograph with the actress while four other fans in the second challenge had to shoot some arrows to gain a hug or handshake from Ha Ji Won.

The 20-episode drama was extremely well-received in Asia and its high popularity was evident when fans shriek each time the main couple – Ha Ji Won’s Gil Ra Im and Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won – appeared in the video.

Ha Ji Won candidly revealed that even though part of the drama involved the two characters switching souls with each other, she was “comfortable at being a guy” and was “quite nervous sometimes when Hyun Bin put his face near mine.” There was a moment of hesitation, however, when she was quizzed if there was “real kissing” going on when the pair filmed the intimate scenes.

The cast of new movie 'The Huntresses' gathered for the January 29 installment of SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment.' Actress Ha Ji Won went up at one point to answer questions, one of which asked whom she was closest to out of all the male actors she knew.

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