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I have two sons, seven and five, and one daughter, aged one, and I'm just starting to feel like I need more information about how best to make sure my children have a safe online experience, like I do for a real-life experience.I want them to have fun and get to know what "normal" is like so that when something "bad" happens they will be able to react quickly, but how to do this online?However, we need to clue ourselves up if we are giving our children technology to use.

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So far just keeping the computer downstairs, refusing to buy a webcam, and they are too young for mobiles with cameras but I'll have that bridge to cross when we get to it!

Dr Tanya Byron was our guest for a live webchat on . Before the chat, Dr Byron asked us to post this message: "I have recently been asked by Gordon Brown to review internet safety since my Safer Children in a Digital World report (the Byron Review) in 2008.

To ensure my review takes in parents' views, I'm really keen to get Mumsnetters' perspectives on both the opportunities you think the internet gives your children and also the risks you've encountered.

I'd like to chat about anything to do with internet safety, but to get your thoughts flowing, a few starting points could be: Dr Byron is a practising consultant in child and adolescent mental health who has two children of her own.

She's the author of three books and a well-known broadcaster.

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