How to hook up live webcams

by  |  05-Feb-2016 05:24

Secret surveillance is almost always legal in your home, but you can’t do it in part of your house where people expect privacy.Most webcams should install themselves automatically after you plug them in.

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If you’re recording stuff, then you might want to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up.

A live stream feed of your aquascape serves a dual purpose — it allows you to constantly track the status of your aquascape to ensure that everything is running smoothly and it also gives you access to the tranquility of your home aquarium no matter where you are.

Setting up a live webcam is actually pretty easy, even for those of you who aren’t very technically inclined.

Unfortunately, aquatic pets aren’t quite as versatile as other pets.

It’s not like you can hook up a leash to your aquarium and take it on a walk through the park.

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