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Curiously, the association between Craigslist and HIV occurred only with respect to personal ads — not professional escort services.Chan figures that sex workers took more precautions than people seeking sex in a social context.The study found that HIV incidence began to increase about a year after Craigslist entered a market, then climbed through the study period.

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Jason Chan, an assistant professor of information and decision sciences at the U’s Carlson School of Management, said he got the idea for the study several years ago while working on his doctorate in management information systems at New York University (NYU).

Chan’s dissertation focused on the social and health impacts of Internet platforms.

To my shock, I found out almost all the ads were hookup ads.

They were very explicit,” said Chan, who wrote the journal article with Prof. Chan explained that because Craigslist entered individual markets without respect to concurrent HIV trends, it provided a “natural experiment” platform for the study.

Craigslist has since dropped the professional escorts ads, so it’s possible that those have moved surreptitiously into the personal ads.

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