cougar dating events new york - Help my sister is dating a loser

by  |  29-Sep-2015 08:51

She goes to work every day and works hard to bring home the bacon and the eggs and the bread ... This situation will only change when it stops working for someone. In his last experience she could no longer stand him.

I'm wondering if Mrs Biscuit didn't wise up to the loafers in her house and do a little spring cleaning? This situation seems to be working for your sister as well or she would not be letting it continue.

Possibly she will run out of emotional and financial resources and then she will realise that things need to change.

Until she bumps her head and/ or comes to her senses the situation will continue.

I feel so overburdened for her and I think that she is throwing her life away on this worthless man. Your sister seems to be closed up in the kitchen with the man where all she can see is the yummy biscuits baking.

To make things even worse he is not even divorced from his ex wife! If she were able to step away from the house a little and join you on the roof, she may see the dent in the couch getting progressively deeper and the whisky bottle getting progressively emptier.

I don't want my children being there around him because he is rude and uses foul language with no regard for anyone else.

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