Having problem updating t mobile nokia 5800 Xxx vides cam3g

by  |  18-May-2015 09:25

having problem updating t mobile nokia 5800-67

However workmates had same issue with asus/garmin phone. Thanks Talked to both Toyota and Samsung, was told SGS3 has bluetooth 4.0 whilst Toyota has bluetooth 3.0 that is why it won't work. If anyone has any fixes or suggestions in the next day or so I will be very intrested It makes me cross that samsung has done the whole "we are better then Apple we can do more things" but there basic bluetooth does not work freddysmiles writes... :) The problem is being reported almost exclusively against Toyota's so, either people don't use Bluetooth on the SG3 with any other car make or the problem is specific to Toyota.

Tried my S3 in 2 different RAV4's and no-one hears a thing I say. Either Toyota or Samsung, or indeed, both of them should do something about it.

Just yesterday Toyota replaced the stereo with the same model but with an extra feature where you can manually adjust the mic gain up and down 3 d B in 1 d B steps. My old Motorola Defy and Galaxy S worked in the RAV4. Id say its an issue with toyota My mk II falcon is also bt 3.0 but i have no issue at with bluetooth its works the same as other devices its backwards compatible i dont think any cars have bt 4.0 anyways I also have a Rukus and have the same issues I have just got off the phone from samsung (not their problem) took the car to Toyota also say not thier problem, but must say that at least Toyota did try (the latest Iphone works fine with the car phone as does my old IPhone) I think I will be taking my Galaxy S 111 back and going back to an Iphone at least i know that works.

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