Harry potter dating sim game flirt dating site in israel

by  |  29-Nov-2014 17:44

Live audience - *claps and cheers*Announcer -HEEEEEEEEERE'S your host! Today we have some very special -Draco - Why is the show called "The Harry Potter Dating game", when Potter isn't even here? *looks around in paranoid fashion*Sly - *in an irritated voice* Stay behind the screen!

This probably means they can spend a lot on lawyers, but hopefully they will forgive us for this zany showcase of Potter spoofs (aka PARODIES under the laws of Fair Use). Only time will tell how many people make movie parodies!

PG-13 for language a bit later, inuendos, and more. No flames cause those would be pointless too because you've been warned.

Sly - Alright then *said in false cheery voice* Lets see who we've -Announcer - And that's all we have time for today!

Camera -*is off*Sly - *curses*Lockhart - Do you want my autograph?

You can't make a movie that breaks the top three spots for most ticket sales in a single day and not expect to be ignored by NG users!

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