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“I discovered a new way to prepare for a certain duration of silence by what happens just before the silence, so that one can hear again, like an echo, the figures or structures before the silences.Think of one place in the world that is still completely silent. However on the scientific front, the sound of silence stimulates a bigger response in the brain of a listener than music itself.

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Modern brain imaging techniques might help to clarify how silence can be manipulated to create novel musical experiences.” Karlheinz Stockhausen, a German musical composer discussed these experiences, for example in one composition where there are silences up to about one minute.

But while music may soothe the savage beast, the brain responds efficiently to the sound of silence.

Peak brain activity occurred during a short period between musical movements, when seemingly NOTHING was happening.

In 2011, the Finnish Tourist Board released a series of photographs of lone figures in the wilderness, with the caption “Silence, Please.” An international “country branding” consultant, Simon Anholt, proposed the playful tagline “No talking, but action.” And a Finnish watch company, Rönkkö, launched its own new slogan: “Handmade in Finnish silence.” “We decided, instead of saying that it’s really empty and really quiet and nobody is talking about anything here, let’s embrace it and make it a good thing,” explains Eva Kiviranta, who manages social media for Visit

According to research, silence provides intriguing support for modern composers who put as much emphasis on a lack of sound as sound itself. Vinod Menon of Stanford University School of Medicine, the researchers published their findings in 2010 in the journal Neuron.

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