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Even if you decide to have the repairs made by professional clockmaker, locating the needed parts yourself and bringing them with you to the clock repair shop is often a good way to reduce the cost of the clock repair.

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They also carry a large selection of parts and movements for those types of clocks.

If the antique clock is a common one, a clockmaker may have the parts needed for repair in his inventory.

However, with the thousands of clocks, manufacturers and clock parts, it is more likely that the parts will have to be ordered from a supplier or distributor that specializes in parts for antique clocks.

Expert: John Newman - 11/28/2006 Question Hi, John-I am have recently purchased a Grandfather clock that is in a cherry or walnut cabinet (not sure which).

On the back of the clock mechanism it says: Heanina, HWN,#99363, unit (I think is what it says) Garantie, DRPa. Please advise, Barbie Answer Barbie, I do not have any information, but have placed an inquiry to my Internet Clocksmiths Group. John Newman THE VILLAGE CLOCKSMITH Historic Downtown Prattville Alabama Here are the following replies I received: Check the name again. If so, it is a tradename of Winterhalder, which would agree with the HWN. Again, my source is Kochmann, and thus subject to errors therein.

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