Free hard core web cam online chating - Guide to dating european men

by  |  08-Oct-2015 07:46

Hence no comments about ‘ but I met a French lady and she blah blah blah’ Basically in short and across the board – American women are not worth shit.They are trash pure and simple and it’s only getting worse.

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It is quite frightening how competitive white schoolgirls in the US are taught to be particularly in sports and they take this competitive nastiness into the workplace.

In short they are very undesirable and then we have the games.

Oh the games – how any man can build a communication of basic trust with an American woman is beyond me.

From the very off if you interact with an American woman (even if you have zero interest) she will think – that you think she is amazing (they always pedestalize themselves) and automatically go on the defensive. Certainly not future mother material if she cannot be trusted or show respect to respond to a text. One example only last week – in a bar met a very attractive Boston girl ( I find blondes from the East coast largely very boring) and she bored me for two hours.

I have had lots of success with them and the more I seduce, the more disappointed I am with them.

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