Goodreads recommendations not updating

by  |  20-Mar-2016 02:29

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Amazon even holds 40% of Library Thing through its ownership of Abe Books. Besides the fact that it has been proven that monopoly is in general detrimental to the economy, Amazon has made it impossible to compete by selling physical books at a loss and e-books at such low prices.

Bookstores across the country have been suffering because it is so hard to compete with such prices.

Will Amazon now make Goodreads users verify their purchases? Will they start putting sponsored recommendations in your feed?

I loved the site for many reasons: I could share reviews of my favorite books, keep track of how many and what books I had read in any given year, and I could get recommendations from friends and other users on the site.

It was preferable to other similar sites because you could add an unlimited number of books to your account for free.

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