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There are profound differences in how the two are built, the functionality each prioritizes, the release cycles on which theyre developed even the attitudes, values, and work styles of the developers creating them.

Despite the launch of a new Apple Watch line, smartwatch shipments plunged more than 50% between the third quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of this year.

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Opportunities within enterprise organizations have expanded to fill the need.

Here's our list of job titles for today's data professionals.

Digital twins involve the building of digital models of industrial assets such as turbines.

Sinister service outages, blood-curdling budget constraints, and chilling cyberthreats have long been the stuff of IT nightmares.

Now a new survey looks at what's really terrifying IT pros this Halloween and beyond.

Good facebook dating apps

The spacing and layout appear to be determined by the mason or laborers during installation, which relies on their training, experience, and understanding of the code requirements.…
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