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This may be the reason dating takes on a fluid form, and lacks the rules we North Americans or Brits obsess over.

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The hand kissing, the words of love, the intense gazes… Well, what I can say with certainty is that the most (not all!

By: Marina Iakovleva (/ @Marinadating ) For those single women who heading to Europe and looking forward to casual flirting, a vacation fling or even a deep, meaningful connection with a European man, check out some tips on getting close and personal without the confusion so often caused by a culture gap!

German men are not particularly known as the Casanovas of Europe.

No need to wonder if you should chew some gum while talking to him. While you definitely have to grow some thick skin, the bonus is that they really tell it like it is and that can be refreshing. Do not: Expect that guy you’ve been eyeing across the room to make his way to you.

Do: Position yourself as close as possible and ask him a neutral question.

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